Hi! I’m Jahnavi Kolakaluri
Hope you are liking my work so far :) I'm Jahnavi, a designer from south India, now living in Atlanta.
Currently, I work as a Graduate Research Assistant at Ka Moamoa Lab, with Dr. Josiah Hester and my team-members (Leah, Will, and Rachel) to help teachers design culturally relevant CS curriculum at Hawaiian Language Immersion school in Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. Simultaneously, I'm the sole designer behind the vibrant social media, website, and menus for Tasty Treats, my mother's restaurant :)
These experiences have taught me to approach design with humility, open mindedness, and resilience.
I also hold my background in computer science close to me, and it
empowers me to understand technology that underpins design solutions.
And as a true artist at heart, I deeply appreciate various forms of
storytelling. I myself love to paint, illustrate & photograph (view below).
Beyond the Screen
An avid language learner.
I speak five languages - French, German, English, Hindi, and Telugu. I like that it challenges me to think in new grammatical structures.
Carnatic music enthusiast.
I find solace and cultural connection in Carnatic music — it’s been a lifelong practice that grounds me and serves as a meditative outlet.
Some of my artwork